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You get one shot at a first impression. Most often, your website is a person’s first interaction with your company. What kind of impact is your site leaving?

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Far too many developers take on projects with only two things in mind: portfolio expansion and monetary gain. They focus primarily on a site’s aesthetic, forgetting entirely about its functionality and responsiveness. This is unfortunate for a client because it inevitably results in loss of revenue and the targeted audience is also missed. This is why Elite Web Fusion stands above the rest. We create high-performance, fully-integrated websites that are formulated for maximum traffic and conversion.

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The Benefits of A Website & Marketing Fusion

  • WooCommerce Store effectively moves customers through the buying funnel
  • Forms and Pop-Ups are integrated with Mailchimp for Drip Marketing
  • Linked with Google Analytics, Adwords and Merchant Center
  • Content is positioned and worded for maximum conversion on Google Adwords
  • Website thematically layed out for focused landing pages that integrate with Google Adwords, Ad Copy and Keywords
  • Websites built to adapt with Google Analytics Data
  • Fast and responsive on ALL devices


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